Exprience: Le Vu Lan

As a Buddhist, today is one of the special holiday that my whole temple celebrates as one: Le Vu Lan.
This holiday is literally "Mother's Day" but for Vietnamese/Buddists. (I am half Vietnamese, half French)

I gone to temple today with my family, my cousins, aunts, and uncles included. The temple is very serene and I absolutely love the scenery. It has alot of green plants all around, and the smell of slight incense can be refreshing. :)

Some pics of the temple:

Isn't it so bohemian in a way?

This holiday comes every year, on the 15 of August, according to the Lunar calendar. Every year, people of different backgrounds, rich or poor, come to temple to celebrate together. In my religion, in this month, we mourn out past lives' ancestors and help them find their way back to earth. I don't know if it makes sense (email me if you're interested!).  This is used as a way of honoring the dead. On this very day, souls are believed to return to their former homes. Creepy, but very interesting.

There are religious stories, linked to this holiday,  that my mother used to tell me as a little kid. In Vietnam, these types of stories are very popular, they are told instead of fairy tails. I grew up with these stories, and Powerpuff Girls, of course.  These stories tell how the two principle disciples of the founder of Buddhism saved their mothers from the suffering they encountered after their death. As said in the Sutra, the founder had a divine eye, and with that he could see that his mother had been reincarnated as a hungry demon spirit as a punishment for all her evil actions in her previous life (climax). One of her evil actions was feeding the Buddhist monk her dog, which she claimed to be tofu. Most Buddhist monks are vegetarians, and normal Buddhists, such as I, have certain days in which we can not eat meat. During those days, it is said that hell's gates would open, releasing hungry spirits and we would have to pray and send some offerings to those lost spirits.

Back to the story: He wanted to save his mother, but alone he cannot do it. The Buddha told him that only the combined effort of all the Buddhists would soothe the suffering of the tormented. And with this, an assembly was called together to pray and make offerings for the benefit of his dead mother. From this, a custom of offering food, clothing, prayer, and other items to the hungry, lost spirits was born. Cool, huh? :)

Today I proudly wore a red flower on my Kate Spade cardigan to honor my living mother. I love my beautiful, talented mother, alot. She used to model, taught in a college when she was just 23, and now she's a successful business women. Even though we fight for blood, I'm thankful for her, telling me interesting stories and such.

Today, everyone proudly wore flowers, red for living mothers, and white for dead mothers. It is such an honor to wear a red handmade fabric rose.

What better accessory than this red rose? 

 Temple Etiquette: Don't wear "booty shorts" to a place holy as temple, have some respect for you and those around you. I've seen about 6 "girls" wear that today, just, no.

What is your religion? Culture? Thanks for reading. :)

Let's get nude!

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Let's get nude!

Let's get nude! by thequirkyprepster 

This season is dress up season for me, I have my best friend Kelsey's party (Love you boo!) and I have countless formal/ semi formal events. I'm a pretty short, stubby girl, I stand 5'6 tall. My legs are little stubs, and I kinda look like this guy: 

Well, I seem to appear tall to my friends and coworkers. And I have a secret trick, it involves getting nude. No, not nude  nude. I mean nude heels! Nude refers to the color close to your skintone, and the trick of wearing nude heels involves an optical allusion. Magical! When you wear nude heels, it causes the eyes to see your legs as more slender and longer. The nude shoes would add more length to your legs (since it would blend in with your skin), if it makes sense. You trick onlooking eyes into not noticing where the shoe begins and leg ends. Just like the LBD (Bless those) the nude heels should be a staple in every girl's closet! Below are some of my favorite (all under $50) (!!!!) and the peep toes are the cutest pair to show off your pretty toesies. What are your favorite pair? 

Timeless nude patent shoes
$42 - pret-a-beaute.com

Topshop leather shoes

Timeless peep toe pumps
$46 - pret-a-beaute.com

Red sole shoes

Dorothy perkin

Classic Pearls

What is one thing you always wear, so much that it pretty much became you? For me, its my silver pendant necklace (pics to come) and my pearl stud earrings. Pearls are hard to wear daily, since it might look costume-y if you don't wear wisely.  For a younger girl like me, pearl earrings are enough, and I only break out the necklace on special occasions, and holidays. Pearls are easy  to get your hands on, and if you can't afford it, the faux pearls are always nice. TIP: Never, never, ever buy faux pearls that are too paper-y white, they look cheap and anyone can spot it as fake from miles away.  I do suggest saving up for a special pair of daily wear studs, since they will last a longer time. I adore my pearl studs, they are cute, girly, and prep with a spark of maturity. To me, pearls symbolize a fun-loving, classy, woman. I feel naked without my pearls. Below are my favorite pieces, what are yours?

Classic Pearls

Kate spade jewelry

Wedding jewelry
$21 - oliverbonas.com

Fall Prep Fashion

Fall Preps

Fall Preps by thequirkyprepster featuring miss selfridge

This post is inspired by my favorite season, fall. It's kinda like spring, but without all the allergies. The color theme of fall is so classic, bright oranges and browns. So classic. I love love neutral colors, such as navy and creme and I believe red is such a fun pop of color. Above are some of the clothes I own, and some of my favorite pieces too. In the fall, the weather is chilly enough for a sweater, but not cold enough for a jacket. I love wearing a nice knit sweater over a dress, or a blazer over an oxford shirt. Its so classic and prep. Shirtdresses are soo cute. Its feminine yet professional at the same time, its perfect for work to nightlife. I love to wear thin tights under the dresses, sometimes fun colors, such as a mustard yellow pair under a navy sailor dress for a pop of color.  The prices listed below might be a bit high, but you can find similar pieces at Macys or Forever 21, for a fraction of the price and the quality just as well. Have fun shopping! What are your favorite pieces for fall? 

Opening ceremony
$745 - harveynichols.com

Shirt dress
$38 - popcouture.co.uk

Gala dress

Short dress
$54 - thehut.com

Louche cut out dress
$115 - aspirestyle.co.uk

L K Bennett l k bennett
$140 - lkbennett.com

Oasis cat print shirt
$58 - oasis-stores.com

H M cable knit jumper
$23 - hm.com

Uniqlo oxford shirt

Ralph Lauren flap jacket
$875 - profilefashion.com

Miss selfridge



Whats your favorite drink? Mine is most definitely orange juice. Or pomegranate. Both.
Lately, I've been drinking tons of water. The weather is cooling down a bit, but water is meant so much more than a sip to quench your thirst. Did you know that water can actually be very much an advantage to your bodies? Speaking from experience, I know some people hate the taste of plain water (HOW?!? Its so refreshing!) but no fear, there's delicious flavored water on most supermarket shelves. My favorite is the strawberry kiwi. Yum. If you drink water at certain times of the day, it would be very beneficial. I found out lately, and now I have a specific times set out each day to drink my daily dose of H2O.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best times to drink water!

1. When you first wake up

Imagine getting into a car, and driving to the nearest Kate Spade outlet. With the engine still off. Yeah, that's pretty impossible. Its the same with our bodies, darlings. If you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, you signal your body and internal organs to turn "on". It frees nasty residues from burned calories that were used by the night's metabolism. Yuck!  Drinking water as soon as you wake up also helps feed the brain, since the brain is mainly water. RUMOR: It also helps clears skin. Watchout ladies, that might actually be true! ;)

2. Before you pig out

Water helps you feel fuller, making you eat less. This is an advantage for those watching weight, or is a health freak. It helps prepare the stomach for the food that is about to come, preparing your taste buds to fully comprehend the food's flavors, and moisturizing the stomach lining so certain foods won't be too uncomfortable, such as acidic or bitter foods. Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat helps with digestion. A much healthier remedy than relying on carbonated soda to help with the digestion.

3. Before and After a workout


Helps prepare your body for the vicious work, and prevents you from being dehydrated. Hydration is great for preventing a heat stroke in the summer, and frostbite in the winter. Drink up!


It replaces the lost of fluids from your body during the workout.
TIP: Don't drink too much, too quickly. Take little sips or prepare yourself for the oncoming stomach cramps!

4. With medication (if allowed):

Water basically breaks down those nasty meds, and helps spreads it to your digestive system to help it absorb quicker. It makes sure the medication works quickly, shortening the time of side effects and illness, letting you be you again as soon as possible. :)

5. Before showering or baths:

A quick glass of water before scrubbing up can help lower blood pressure. Yay! 

6. Before bed:

When you go to sleep, you normally consider reading a book, or write in a daily journal, or a more feminine word, dairy. Change that, and add "drink water" to your list of things to do before bed. Drinking water before bed helps save your life. Literally! It prevents a heart attack, or a stroke while you're sleeping. Let's face it, even though dying in your sleep is peaceful, I rather not die. So drink up!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the list of perfect times to drink water! Whether its for health reasons, or a quick drink, drinking water is always a better choice than the sugary carbonated soda, or sports drink. Water contains no calories, no added sugars, its au natural ! 

Cheers to H2O! 

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