Classic Pearls

What is one thing you always wear, so much that it pretty much became you? For me, its my silver pendant necklace (pics to come) and my pearl stud earrings. Pearls are hard to wear daily, since it might look costume-y if you don't wear wisely.  For a younger girl like me, pearl earrings are enough, and I only break out the necklace on special occasions, and holidays. Pearls are easy  to get your hands on, and if you can't afford it, the faux pearls are always nice. TIP: Never, never, ever buy faux pearls that are too paper-y white, they look cheap and anyone can spot it as fake from miles away.  I do suggest saving up for a special pair of daily wear studs, since they will last a longer time. I adore my pearl studs, they are cute, girly, and prep with a spark of maturity. To me, pearls symbolize a fun-loving, classy, woman. I feel naked without my pearls. Below are my favorite pieces, what are yours?

Classic Pearls

Kate spade jewelry

Wedding jewelry
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