Exprience: Le Vu Lan

As a Buddhist, today is one of the special holiday that my whole temple celebrates as one: Le Vu Lan.
This holiday is literally "Mother's Day" but for Vietnamese/Buddists. (I am half Vietnamese, half French)

I gone to temple today with my family, my cousins, aunts, and uncles included. The temple is very serene and I absolutely love the scenery. It has alot of green plants all around, and the smell of slight incense can be refreshing. :)

Some pics of the temple:

Isn't it so bohemian in a way?

This holiday comes every year, on the 15 of August, according to the Lunar calendar. Every year, people of different backgrounds, rich or poor, come to temple to celebrate together. In my religion, in this month, we mourn out past lives' ancestors and help them find their way back to earth. I don't know if it makes sense (email me if you're interested!).  This is used as a way of honoring the dead. On this very day, souls are believed to return to their former homes. Creepy, but very interesting.

There are religious stories, linked to this holiday,  that my mother used to tell me as a little kid. In Vietnam, these types of stories are very popular, they are told instead of fairy tails. I grew up with these stories, and Powerpuff Girls, of course.  These stories tell how the two principle disciples of the founder of Buddhism saved their mothers from the suffering they encountered after their death. As said in the Sutra, the founder had a divine eye, and with that he could see that his mother had been reincarnated as a hungry demon spirit as a punishment for all her evil actions in her previous life (climax). One of her evil actions was feeding the Buddhist monk her dog, which she claimed to be tofu. Most Buddhist monks are vegetarians, and normal Buddhists, such as I, have certain days in which we can not eat meat. During those days, it is said that hell's gates would open, releasing hungry spirits and we would have to pray and send some offerings to those lost spirits.

Back to the story: He wanted to save his mother, but alone he cannot do it. The Buddha told him that only the combined effort of all the Buddhists would soothe the suffering of the tormented. And with this, an assembly was called together to pray and make offerings for the benefit of his dead mother. From this, a custom of offering food, clothing, prayer, and other items to the hungry, lost spirits was born. Cool, huh? :)

Today I proudly wore a red flower on my Kate Spade cardigan to honor my living mother. I love my beautiful, talented mother, alot. She used to model, taught in a college when she was just 23, and now she's a successful business women. Even though we fight for blood, I'm thankful for her, telling me interesting stories and such.

Today, everyone proudly wore flowers, red for living mothers, and white for dead mothers. It is such an honor to wear a red handmade fabric rose.

What better accessory than this red rose? 

 Temple Etiquette: Don't wear "booty shorts" to a place holy as temple, have some respect for you and those around you. I've seen about 6 "girls" wear that today, just, no.

What is your religion? Culture? Thanks for reading. :)


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