Whats your favorite drink? Mine is most definitely orange juice. Or pomegranate. Both.
Lately, I've been drinking tons of water. The weather is cooling down a bit, but water is meant so much more than a sip to quench your thirst. Did you know that water can actually be very much an advantage to your bodies? Speaking from experience, I know some people hate the taste of plain water (HOW?!? Its so refreshing!) but no fear, there's delicious flavored water on most supermarket shelves. My favorite is the strawberry kiwi. Yum. If you drink water at certain times of the day, it would be very beneficial. I found out lately, and now I have a specific times set out each day to drink my daily dose of H2O.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best times to drink water!

1. When you first wake up

Imagine getting into a car, and driving to the nearest Kate Spade outlet. With the engine still off. Yeah, that's pretty impossible. Its the same with our bodies, darlings. If you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, you signal your body and internal organs to turn "on". It frees nasty residues from burned calories that were used by the night's metabolism. Yuck!  Drinking water as soon as you wake up also helps feed the brain, since the brain is mainly water. RUMOR: It also helps clears skin. Watchout ladies, that might actually be true! ;)

2. Before you pig out

Water helps you feel fuller, making you eat less. This is an advantage for those watching weight, or is a health freak. It helps prepare the stomach for the food that is about to come, preparing your taste buds to fully comprehend the food's flavors, and moisturizing the stomach lining so certain foods won't be too uncomfortable, such as acidic or bitter foods. Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat helps with digestion. A much healthier remedy than relying on carbonated soda to help with the digestion.

3. Before and After a workout


Helps prepare your body for the vicious work, and prevents you from being dehydrated. Hydration is great for preventing a heat stroke in the summer, and frostbite in the winter. Drink up!


It replaces the lost of fluids from your body during the workout.
TIP: Don't drink too much, too quickly. Take little sips or prepare yourself for the oncoming stomach cramps!

4. With medication (if allowed):

Water basically breaks down those nasty meds, and helps spreads it to your digestive system to help it absorb quicker. It makes sure the medication works quickly, shortening the time of side effects and illness, letting you be you again as soon as possible. :)

5. Before showering or baths:

A quick glass of water before scrubbing up can help lower blood pressure. Yay! 

6. Before bed:

When you go to sleep, you normally consider reading a book, or write in a daily journal, or a more feminine word, dairy. Change that, and add "drink water" to your list of things to do before bed. Drinking water before bed helps save your life. Literally! It prevents a heart attack, or a stroke while you're sleeping. Let's face it, even though dying in your sleep is peaceful, I rather not die. So drink up!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the list of perfect times to drink water! Whether its for health reasons, or a quick drink, drinking water is always a better choice than the sugary carbonated soda, or sports drink. Water contains no calories, no added sugars, its au natural ! 

Cheers to H2O! 


  1. Water is pretty much the only thing I drink lol (besides you know what lol)

  2. I don't drink a lot of water, what a shame

  3. whoa. i had no idea water did so much for us


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