Let's get nude!

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Let's get nude!

Let's get nude! by thequirkyprepster 

This season is dress up season for me, I have my best friend Kelsey's party (Love you boo!) and I have countless formal/ semi formal events. I'm a pretty short, stubby girl, I stand 5'6 tall. My legs are little stubs, and I kinda look like this guy: 

Well, I seem to appear tall to my friends and coworkers. And I have a secret trick, it involves getting nude. No, not nude  nude. I mean nude heels! Nude refers to the color close to your skintone, and the trick of wearing nude heels involves an optical allusion. Magical! When you wear nude heels, it causes the eyes to see your legs as more slender and longer. The nude shoes would add more length to your legs (since it would blend in with your skin), if it makes sense. You trick onlooking eyes into not noticing where the shoe begins and leg ends. Just like the LBD (Bless those) the nude heels should be a staple in every girl's closet! Below are some of my favorite (all under $50) (!!!!) and the peep toes are the cutest pair to show off your pretty toesies. What are your favorite pair? 

Timeless nude patent shoes
$42 - pret-a-beaute.com

Topshop leather shoes

Timeless peep toe pumps
$46 - pret-a-beaute.com

Red sole shoes

Dorothy perkin

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