My Day Off

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My day off

Happy Friday! I rarely get a day off, but I absolutely love winding down for a bit! Today, school is closed for me, and I have no work, whatsoever, and so I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity of relax and catch up on a few things. Due to the rush of school, and work, I barely get enough time for myself, and I sometimes feel disoriented, as if I'm in someone else's body! That is a horrible feeling! TGIF!

On my days off, on days like this, I like to catch up on work. I have a few jobs, and blogging is definitely one of them! I check my emails, and talk to a few people for work related subjects. It sounds pedestrian and mundane, but trust me, it is definitely something I love doing! Writing a few posts here and there keeps my time well spent! And catching up with people? Amazing!
 I also catch up on homework, as I like to do my homework ahead of time. *Nerd Alert*

PS: LOVE the Lilly print school supplies! All my school supplies this year are Lilly, lucky me!

After that, around the afternoon, I love doing my nails! I find doing my nails one of the most relaxing things ever. I either put on a comedy, or some old-timey music and get down to work! My favorite nail polish combination is pink with one or two fingers with a different nail polish hue, most likely the glittery polishes. I absolutely love glitter on my nails! I also find that washing off/ taking a bath is extremely relaxing. I have an indoor pool/jacuzzi, and so I take full advantage of that, especially in the summer where the days are more humid. Today, well today is more of a stay in bed day in PJs. :)

And last but not least to my off day, I snack, alot. I always come to water when I snack, since I attempt to be healthy. Attempt.
My favorite snack is strawberry covered chocolate, they are delicious, but without 100% guilt, since there is that 50% fruit! The process of making such snacks is fun! Messy, chocolate fingers, fun! But eating it? That is the best part!

I'm off to stay in bed and relax!  What do you do to unwind?


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