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Winter sure looks beautiful!

Winter is near! Christmas decorations, beautiful coats,and the festivity is amazing!There is a setback, however. I'm going to be blunt: my face hurts! Haha, it sounds funny, even in text; to me at least. Lately the weather has been killing me. The weather is so bipolar, sometimes I can't even trust the forecast (it promised me a sunnier day). It has been freezing, and apparently a storm is imminent!

 *Shudders, literally cause I don't turn the heat on*

I love the cold season, I love the festive holidays and the beautiful falling snow. I love the cozy nights cuddled up by the fireplace, and I love the energy of attempting to build a snowman! However, I do hate the slushy snow, the gusty wind, the terrible hair days, and the dry skin! Dry skin is a huge deal for me, because when my skin is dry, it resembles a snake peeling. Not.Cute. When my skin starts to peel, or crack, I give myself a "mini- routine change," and it helps!


First,before I leave the house for school or work, I always moisturize. In the spring/fall, my moisturizer is mainly "water based," but as the season changes, so does my moisturizer. In the winter, I always look for a moisturizer that is "Oil-based" since it would provide an extra layer of protection for your skin :)

TIP: Look for "nonclogging" oils, like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil.

Cold baths:

Super hot baths can further damage skin,as I recently found out :( Luke warm baths should be fine though! 
My favorites are cold baths, not "igloo cold" but cold enough without getting sick. Cold baths are known to "tighten" skin, and it is also known that a splash of cold water to freshly washed hair would "tame" the frizziness in hair! 


Humidifiers get more moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out. I currently do not have a humidifier in my house, and once a week I would boil water and carefully position myself above the pot with a towel on my head, to capture all the steam.

I hoped I helped, have fun this winter and be safe! Stay warm! 

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  1. That photo is beautiful! Thank you for sharing all of these tips!



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