Things I Cann't Live Without

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Things I Can't Live Without

1. Bows

I absolutely cannot live without bows! I love having them in my hair, I love having them on my clothes, I love having them everywhere!

2. Frat Co

The "Pam" pattern sweatshirt is my favorite sweater now! I've been wearing it for days now, I wash it at night to avoid any fumes. The sweater is just so comfortable and cozy and warm and amazing!
I've grown into it now!

3. My iPhone/ Kate Spade case

Need I say more? I love the iPhone and I love Kate Spade. Perfect just got perfect!

4. Nike® Flex Run 2013 Womens Running Shoes

I consider myself athletic, since I play a couple of sports and run a couple of miles weekly. It is kinda hard for me to find running shoes since I am extremely picky about the shoes I wear, especially when it comes to sneakers. These shoes are so lightweight and amazing! I love how they fit, and I love the flexibility of the shoe itself. I'm starting to run again, and soon competing in a marathon, I need all the help I can get!

What are some things you can't live without right now? 

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