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Today I am super excited to feature one of my friends. Meet Gustaf, he's really sweet. We met awhile back, and I was really impressed with how well he dresses up. Over Instagram, we bonded and talked more about fashion. He inspires me to present myself in a more fashionable way, and make my own fashion choices to express myself. I am very excited to have Gustaf post today on his outfit and presentation of himself! 

Hi! I’m Gustaf. I am student living in Stockholm, Sweden. If you would ask me: “describe yourself with three words”, I’d say: “I am ambitious, charming and a true fashionisto”. My life reflects in what I’m wearing. I love to combine different garments and create “the perfect look for the perfect occasion”. People might say that’s shallow and weird, but I think otherwise. For me, a perfect combination says more about a person than their spoken word (at the first sight). I don’t look at people thinking: “Oh God, what is he/she wearing”? I just simply think that people with garment matching skills are very concerned about themselves as well as the outside. At least, that’s what I like to think. Anyways, I like people that care what they look like and how they want others to see them.
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The image above was taken at the country and I wanted to give the impression that I was on my way somewhere. Not to a specific place, just on my way. The idea is very simple. I am a “city boy” walking on a lonely country road with inspiration from the surroundings. Thus, the outfit needed to reflect this “image”.

 The outfit itself is very simple. A dark washed chambray (denim) shirt underneath a wool sweater. On top, a wool blazer and finally a pair of jeans. To complete the look, I put on a pair of leather boots. There is also a weekend bag and a briefcase.

This gives the image of a well dressed “city boy” with inspiration from his surroundings. A look that I like to call, “a dressed up casual look with influences”.

My life is very hectic at the moment, but other than that it’s great. I want to inspire people with my garment combinations and I am very interested in learning new things. I love to get to know people and get new friends. I am very sociable, which makes my interest in style and fashion even better. I listen and learn. So, that’s me!

// Gustaf

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