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Starting/Maintaining a Blog!

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This post is to inform. Lately, I've been getting alot of emails, and Instagram messages on tips for maintaining and organizing a blog. In this post, I will talk about how my blog started, as some as asked, and I will explain some of the steps I took to make my blog happen. 
I personally love my blog, I started planning for it one day in the summer when I was very bored and wanted something to put my heart into. Planning for it took a few weeks, I wanted to be completely sure I would be able to keep this blog going, while working at the Superior Courthouse and juggling classes and school. I really didn't want for this blog to be an abandoned project. 
After I figured how, and what I wanted to do with blogging, I researched blogging platforms, and I compared the different platforms and tested out which would work better for me. I chose blogger, to me it was a much simple interface and just what I need to get started. I chose the name "The Quirky Prepster" because many people described me as quirky and outgoing, and "Prepster" is a mix of "Hipster" and "Prep." 
It completely set the theme for this blog, and it sounds catchy. I changed all my usernames on social media to match my blog and I just started writing. When it first started, this blog didn't have much readers, and it was for my sole entertainment. Overtime, readership grew, and now I have a wonderful set of sponsors, readers, and people who give me criticism. Thanks for your support, and thanks to the readers who have emailed me asking for advice, or just dropping a hello. :) 

1. Organizing your blog 

What do you want your blog to be about? Food? Fashion? It is easier to write about a certain theme, that way your readers know what they will be getting once they click into your blog! My blog is about me, my fashion tastes, some advice, favorite stores, and cute quotes I love. I have many things I've written about, which is why I organize my blog by setting up "Pages" on blogger. My pages separate my posts into different categories, and when a reader logs into my site, if they want to read about fashion, all they have to do is click on the "Fashion" page and they will be directed to all my posts relating to fashion. This saves the reader time, so they don't have to scroll past every post to see the one they like. It makes it easier for the readers to navigate on the site, therefore making happy readers. :) 

My Pages are in pink! My pages help categorize my posts! 

Here is a link that can explain more on making pages: http://www.wikihow.com/Add-a-Page-to-Blogger
(I am aware this is for blogger, I am not ready to write for other platforms, since I've had no experiences with the other platforms. However, if you need help with other platforms, shoot me an email and I'll do my best to assist you!) 

2. Readership and Content

When I first started, I only had three readers: me, myself, and I. It didn't discourage me from continuing, and I used having no readership as an advantage. I became my own critic. I read all my posts with an open mind, and I took notes on how to improve and such. I wrote as a guest on many other blogs, and that attracted attention to my own blog, and soon, I was getting a steady fanbase. 

Have a "Share Widget" It makes it easier for readers to share your blog! 

Share widget: www.addthis.com
I shared my blog alot, I had all my posts posted on my different social media sites, and people checked it out, and soon they shared it with their friends, and so on. Just remember, either 0 readers or 100 readers, post interesting and original stuff. Don't post just to post, post to influence and inspire. :) 
Tip: Keep a little notebook with your posts ideas, your posts, and sponsor list. It helps you stay on top of what is going on in your blog.I have a notebook outlining all the posts I want to published, and it helps keep a timeline on my posts! 
Do not get sponsors until you've received alot of readership. It isn't fair to the company if you aren't able to provide them with proper advertisement for their product.  Something that bothers me alot is this one blogger. She sent me an email asking me to join her giveaway, that isn't bad, but what she said made it bad. She said something like, "Hey, please join my giveaway. I know the bow is a little ugly, but please just join." 
That isn't the proper way to advertise something you're supposedly sponsoring! 
A better way to word it would be:
"Hello, I'm Alexis from The Quirky Prepster. I am hosting a giveaway, and would love for you to join. The items I shall be giving away are ... from ... Thanks so much, have a sweet day!" 
It is much more professional, sweet, and it properly addresses the point without begging. Take notes. 
3. Be yourself
Post in your own voice, don't make up a fabulous background on your life. If you're going to be a blogger, be an honest one. If you make up lies about your life, you're going to have to keep track of all your lies, and soon it will be hard. Do not post vaguely, and don't forget grammar and spell check! Using a blog is a great way to let your creativity run free, but know that there is a line between creative and just plain annoying. Do not post too much of your personal life, and be safe. Do not post private information. Don't use a blog to aim your anger at someone, be mature and take appropriate measures. Have fun while blogging, and learn from it. :) 
Being busy is fine, and having a guest post is a perfect way to get another voice onto your blog, as well as to make another blogger friend! A guest post is having someone post on your blog as a guest! It is a great way to keep your blog consistent while you are out sick! Just be selective in who you chose to guest post. I sometimes read the posts and just ask for a rewrite or some editing, just because it is a guest post, does not mean that it can be a poorly cared for post. 
I've seen many many blogs over the past years, and many are a shame. Most end up to be abandoned projects, which is sad. I love watching blogs either improve or die out; it is quite interesting to watch the growth of others. My favorite ever site to read is GOMI (Get Off My Internets). It is a snarky site, in which people talk about blogs and such. I love it because I can read it and learn from other bloggers mistakes! I love self improvement, and I know that there will always be room for improvement! I wish you will on your blogs! 
You can drop a link to your blog in the comments section, and I will surely check it out! Don't forget to share this post with your blogger friends! Email me with questions, I will get to them all! Thanks for reading! 

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