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Today is March 1. A quarter of the year has passed, and I was amazed at all the changes in between. I realized that, without knowing, half of my junior year at high school has passed and I am soon going to be burdened with the process of college applications, Ryan has shown me the stress of college applications and such. However, I may be terrified and anxious, but I know I'll do just fine. Today, I have a study date with Ryan, since he is the smartest person I know! Studying: not much fun, Ryan: alot of fun, but thinks he's funny! 

During the past three months, I've done many things on my 101 to do in 1001 days list, and I will soon update you guys on it! There were things I've never dreamed of doing in such a short time, such as have an amazing first date (I had mine with Ryan: we walked around the park at night), but I somehow managed to complete certain items on it! 

I do apologize for lack of postings that aren't reviews, the past few months, I've been focusing on sponsors and such (Which I love doing, I adore working with such great people on my blog!). From now on, the sponsor count will be less, I've already had enough sponsors, and I will focus on blog redesign and content! I have many great things planned for this blog! 

A few ideas I have set the ball rolling on are:
  1. Fun collaborations with other bloggers
  2. Vlogs! (Video blogs) 
  3. An extension of social media!
With a quarter of the year gone, I'm very excited to start the next quarter. May great things come during the month of March! 

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