Live Colorfully

In the middle of restyling my room, I picked up a book about colors at the library, to know which color is right for me and my room. Did you know that colors can affect how you feel? Certain colors make your brain react in a certain way! That is why people have a favorite color, or a few! My favorite colors are navy and pink. :) 

You can add a splash of color anywhere, with some fresh aromic flowers, a pretty rug, or just clothes! As the great Kate Spade quote says, "Live Colorfully"! 

Here's a color guide to help you lift your mood and live colorfully: 

1. Green

Green is not just for St. Patrick's Day! Green is great for restoring balance and bringing peace within yourself. It is an amazing color to have around when you are feeling moody or grumpy! 

2. Yellow

Smiley faces are yellow. The sun is yellow. Yellow is a great color to lift your moods up, and to turn that frown, upside down! Yellow is a great color when you're sad, and feeling less awesome. 

3. Blue

Blue is a calming color, it mellows and smoothes. If you're angry, blue is definitely your color. 

4. Red

Red is a passionate color. When you feel as if you're lifeless and down, surround yourself with red, because the color red is fiery and will boost your energy. It will also make you feel strong and excited (!!!!!). 

5. Orange 

Scared? Well next time you are in a frightful situation, such as a job interview, wear orange. The color orange is proven to give your confidence a boost. 

6. Purple 

When I first started high school, I realized that my school has a "purple room" which is where all the musical classes are taught. I thought it was just pretty, design wise. However, the color purple is known to help creativity. This is perfect for the writer, or musician, or just anyone in a block! 

What is your favorite color, and how does it affect your mood? 


Very much appreciation for reading! Don't forget to drop a comment, have a fabulous day and stay prep!

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