Crack A Smile!

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Smiling is one of the best things you can ever do for yoursellf, life is good. Don't believe me? Here are reasons why yu should smile:

1. It makes you look beautiful.

The best thing you can wear is a smile. Good thing is, it will never go out of style! Also, smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and seratonin (a chemical in your brain that makes you happy). By smiling, you will attract positive energy, and happiness into your life! :-D

2. It is healthy for you!

A smile can boost your immune system. When you smile, you are more relaxed, and it helps the immune system fight off flus and colds more easily! It also lowers blood pressure! 

3. It makes you feel better. 

The next time you are upset or having a bad day, crack a smile and you will feel much much better. When you smile, your body triks your brain into thinking that you feel happy, and yu will feel better! 

4. Smiling is contagious.

Smiling helps makes everyone happy. A smile goes a long way, it carries happiness and cnfidence. When you smile, the room lights up! 

5. It makes you age-less!

When you smile, you work the muscles in your face, and it helps lift everything up! 

6. It helps relieves stress! 

When you are stressed, your face can show signs of tiredness, or overworked. However, when you sile, you feel better because smiling relieves stressed, and wtih less stress, you'll be able to work more effectivly! 

7. Just smile. 

Just smile, nothing is better than it! 

How To Make Hair Lighter Naturally: Part 2, With Lemon Juice

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I recently found a new way to make your hair lighter! In my last post about making your hair lighter, I used cinnamon as a main "hair lightening" ingredient, and I deemed lemon "evil" because of its drying outcome. However, I ended up experimenting with lemon juice because I was very curious as to how it would make my hair lighter. That, and I was getting sick of how the cinnamon smelled after two treatments! The lemon juice treatment really did work, however, I did notice my hair getting dry. You may try this treatment at your own risk, however, you can condition your hair to help treat the dryness. A quirk of this treatment is that this will naturally bring out your highlights in your hair! I have always loved the idea of having lighter hair for the summer, and darker hair for the winter, during the winter, I will most definitely find ways to make m hair darker naturally! 

I bought a large bottle of lemon juice because I found that to be more convenient than squeezing lemons every time I wanted to lighten my hair.  This method is relatively easy, all you need is about one cup of lemon juice, some water, and the sun's UV rays! This is perfect if you want to make your hair lighter while hanging out in this beautiful spring weather!


1 cup of lemon juice
(I prefer the store bought version, because for just $1 I was able to get more for my money, or my mother's haha)
1/2 cup for long hair
1/4 cup for shorter hair
Spray bottle (optional) 
The Sun! 

What To Do:

Run a brush underwater, and brush your hair so you can brush out your tangles. Doing so would make your hair damp and tangle free. This would help your hair because:

Your wet hair won't absorb so much lemon so it won't be so damaging.
Without tangles, the lemon juice will be evenly distributed.  

Mix the lemon juice and water into either the spray bottle, or a bowl. Stir or shake the mixture. 

If you have a spray, generously spray your hair with the lemon juice solution. If you have mixed it into a bowl, either drip your hair into the solution, or use your fingers t evenly distribute the lemon mixture.

After your hair is covered in a good amount of lemon juice and water, your hair should be almost dripping, go out into the sun! D not bother doing this treatment if you don't plan n going out to the sun, because the only way to get your hair lighter with lemon juice is to have the sun's UV rays activate lemon juice's bleaching power! 

Sun in the sun for about 1-2 hours, or until your hair is completely dry! Don't forget sunscreen! 

Tip: The sun's UV rays is strongest in the afternoon!
Tip: The more sun you get, the lighter your hair will look, but remember, this is a gradual method. You will obviously see changes after the first use, but you will not go from dark brown hair to blonde with one use!

After you are done with sitting in the sun til your hair dries, go into and wash off the lemon. You may be sticky, however you will also smell fresh! Don't forget to double condition if your hair is too dry! 

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