Dress Color Debate: Why do we see what we see?


What color is this dress? Black and blue or white and gold? The dress color debate has been one of the trending topics that inspire conversations during the last few days. I myself see gold and white, but my friends swear it's black and blue. The original dress is black and blue. So why do different people see this dress differently? After talking to my boyfriend, he explained to me what he's thought about the subject and what he learned about it from NPR. 

People see the dress differently because it is an optical allusion. The picture of the dress was taken with a combination off two different lights: artificial and natural light. The human brain, throughout evolution, is intended to filter out light during different times of day. We understand color the way that we do because of this feature; we are able to differentiate colors with natural and artificial light. For instance, we know that the school bus is yellow even during different times of the day and sources of light. However, in this picture of the dress, there was a combination of natural and artificial light. The human brain was manipulated into filtering out one or the other saturator. This causes the brain to desaturate certain colours allowing for some people to see the dress in white/gold and some others to see blue/black. 

What color do you see the dress in?

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101 in 1001

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Last year, I created a list of 101 things that I wanted to complete in 1001 days. It has been a little more than a year and I've completed 99% of that list! I work alot faster than I thought! Therefore, I am creating a newer, better, and more adventurous list! I am so excited to do this again! Thanks again to Mackenzie from MackenzieHoran.com for inspiring me to even start this in the first place!
What is a "101 Things in 1001 Days" list? This is a little more than a "To Do" list and a little less that a "Bucket" list. Simply it is a list of 101 things that one could complete in 1001 days, roughly 2.75 years. This type of list seems perfect for me, because I will have set amount of time to attempt each goal. How perfect! 
I'm very excited to start my list, and cross out things I've done in the following 2.75 years. Wish me luck! 
I'll have the link to this link on the top of my blog, so I can keep you updated :) So very excited for this! 

Starting time: February 23, 2015
Ending time: November 20, 2017

1. Come up with 101 things.
2. Inspire someone to write a 101 in 1001 list!
3. No meat for one month. 
4. Drink 8 glasses of water for 1 month. 
5. Throw a party. 
6. Travel for a little bit. 
7. Go rowing! 
8. Make a mistake and learn from it!  
9. Record a song. 
10. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge
11. Learn how to swim
12. Get straight As in one term.  
13. Buy something from Starbucks. 
14. One week, no sweets.
15. Lose 10 pounds. 
16. Run a 5k marathon.
17. Write a short story, nonrelated to class. 
18. Go to NYC to see the tree during Christmas.
19. Blog consecutively for a month without skipping posts. 
20. Read 15 new books. 
21. See 15 new movies.
22. Paint something original. 
23. Make 20 new friends at college.
24. Get a paying job. 
25. Get a long term relationship (1 year long- at least )
26. Get 200 members on my blog. 
27. Get a facial at the spa
28. Treat myself to something nice. 
29. Start 3 new healthy habits
30.  Vote! 
31.  Donate blood (attempt to at least)
32. Throw a party for a friend. 
33. Get yoga certification
34. Meditate as a habit
35. Go to a concert.
36. Be on a boat!
37. Start a small business
38. Send 10 handwritten notes.
39. Go to the gym for a month. 
40. Buy my first piece of furniture. 
41. Drink wine. 
42. Rollerdisco! 
43. Commit to a college
44. Send out Christmas cards. 
45. Join a sorority 
46. Meet a celebrity.
47. Start my own company.
48. Join 2 clubs at college (at least)
49. Have a night out. 
50. Learn to knit. 
51. Have a picnic somewhere. 
52. Visit another state, that isn't NY or NJ
53. Learn calligraphy.
54. Go to a comedy show. 
55. Have a sleepover. 
56. Complete a DIY  project and post about it. 
57. Learn a new recipe. 
58. Get my drivers license. 
59.  Save up $100
60. Have brunch with a few friends
61. Let the Quirky Prepster turn 2. 
62. Redesign the Blog.
63. Make my first Vlog 
64. Host 10 giveaways
65. Guess post for 10 different blogs 
66. Try a juice cleanse. 
67. Have my writing published. 
68. Floss everyday for a month. 
69. Lose 20 pounds. 
70. Find the perfect LBD.
71. Save up $1000
72. Go exploring in my own town. 
73. Go hiking
74. Attend a state fair
75. Kiss in the rain. 
76. Create a budget. 
77. get an Internship
78. Go to a fashion-show
79. Watch an award show
80. Go "offline" for 24 hours (no technology/social networking)
81. Volunteer at a new charity.
82. Meet a new blogger friend. 
83. Find the perfect pair of black heels. 
84. Do an OOTD Post on my blog. 
85. Get a fitness bracelet and track steps and sleep.
86. Grow a plant without having it die. 
86. Start another book club
87. Do something new and daring. 
88. Take up tennis.
89. Fall in Love
90. Go out for a night. 
91. Buy my own groceries. 
92. Go to sleep early every night for a week. 
93. Have one all nighter. 
94. Buy flowers.
95. Go on a road trip. 
96. Tell a stranger to have a nice day for up to a week, or more! 
97. Have a day trip in NYC and do tourist things
98.  Move into my own apartment (or dorm) 
99.  Have a blindfold silly dance with someone. 
100. Save up $10 for every completed item on this list. 
101. Finish this list in 1001 days
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Stylish Friends: Gustaf!

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Today I am super excited to feature one of my friends. Meet Gustaf, he's really sweet. We met awhile back, and I was really impressed with how well he dresses up. Over Instagram, we bonded and talked more about fashion. He inspires me to present myself in a more fashionable way, and make my own fashion choices to express myself. I am very excited to have Gustaf post today on his outfit and presentation of himself! 

Hi! I’m Gustaf. I am student living in Stockholm, Sweden. If you would ask me: “describe yourself with three words”, I’d say: “I am ambitious, charming and a true fashionisto”. My life reflects in what I’m wearing. I love to combine different garments and create “the perfect look for the perfect occasion”. People might say that’s shallow and weird, but I think otherwise. For me, a perfect combination says more about a person than their spoken word (at the first sight). I don’t look at people thinking: “Oh God, what is he/she wearing”? I just simply think that people with garment matching skills are very concerned about themselves as well as the outside. At least, that’s what I like to think. Anyways, I like people that care what they look like and how they want others to see them.
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The image above was taken at the country and I wanted to give the impression that I was on my way somewhere. Not to a specific place, just on my way. The idea is very simple. I am a “city boy” walking on a lonely country road with inspiration from the surroundings. Thus, the outfit needed to reflect this “image”.

 The outfit itself is very simple. A dark washed chambray (denim) shirt underneath a wool sweater. On top, a wool blazer and finally a pair of jeans. To complete the look, I put on a pair of leather boots. There is also a weekend bag and a briefcase.

This gives the image of a well dressed “city boy” with inspiration from his surroundings. A look that I like to call, “a dressed up casual look with influences”.

My life is very hectic at the moment, but other than that it’s great. I want to inspire people with my garment combinations and I am very interested in learning new things. I love to get to know people and get new friends. I am very sociable, which makes my interest in style and fashion even better. I listen and learn. So, that’s me!

// Gustaf

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Here I Am!

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Hello guys! I'm finally back to blogging! It has been a long, sad time since I've done this. This blog was on a hiatus because I've been so busy with the college application process (eh) and just life itself. Senior year is a mixture of work, fun, and simply just spending time with the people that matter before you leave for college. My college search is coming to an end; I've been accepted so far to many of my top choices. I'm excited to soon start this new chapter in my life!
This blog hiatus has helped me discover my own voice and how to differentiate myself from other bloggers. It has also helped me become a better writer and I've discovered what content I should release from my blog. I have many great ideas and posts; I can't wait to showcase them all soon!
Every Wednesday, I'll release a new post. Occasionally, I'll surprise post. I've chosen Wednesday to post because it is my least busy day. On Fridays, I will give you my highlights of the week! 
New to the blog is a forum page! I've created it so my readers can interact with each other. I will also use it to take in requests and tutorials. Utilize this feature to help me make your experience better and make new friends!
Since my hiatus, I've lost a large amount of the audience, and I'm working at my hardest to regain the name I had back, and more. I'm very open to suggestions and I am excited! Thank-you for reading!
PS: I hope you love the new blog design! I've worked so hard on it! 

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