Dress Color Debate: Why do we see what we see?


What color is this dress? Black and blue or white and gold? The dress color debate has been one of the trending topics that inspire conversations during the last few days. I myself see gold and white, but my friends swear it's black and blue. The original dress is black and blue. So why do different people see this dress differently? After talking to my boyfriend, he explained to me what he's thought about the subject and what he learned about it from NPR. 

People see the dress differently because it is an optical allusion. The picture of the dress was taken with a combination off two different lights: artificial and natural light. The human brain, throughout evolution, is intended to filter out light during different times of day. We understand color the way that we do because of this feature; we are able to differentiate colors with natural and artificial light. For instance, we know that the school bus is yellow even during different times of the day and sources of light. However, in this picture of the dress, there was a combination of natural and artificial light. The human brain was manipulated into filtering out one or the other saturator. This causes the brain to desaturate certain colours allowing for some people to see the dress in white/gold and some others to see blue/black. 

What color do you see the dress in?

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