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Hello guys! I'm finally back to blogging! It has been a long, sad time since I've done this. This blog was on a hiatus because I've been so busy with the college application process (eh) and just life itself. Senior year is a mixture of work, fun, and simply just spending time with the people that matter before you leave for college. My college search is coming to an end; I've been accepted so far to many of my top choices. I'm excited to soon start this new chapter in my life!
This blog hiatus has helped me discover my own voice and how to differentiate myself from other bloggers. It has also helped me become a better writer and I've discovered what content I should release from my blog. I have many great ideas and posts; I can't wait to showcase them all soon!
Every Wednesday, I'll release a new post. Occasionally, I'll surprise post. I've chosen Wednesday to post because it is my least busy day. On Fridays, I will give you my highlights of the week! 
New to the blog is a forum page! I've created it so my readers can interact with each other. I will also use it to take in requests and tutorials. Utilize this feature to help me make your experience better and make new friends!
Since my hiatus, I've lost a large amount of the audience, and I'm working at my hardest to regain the name I had back, and more. I'm very open to suggestions and I am excited! Thank-you for reading!
PS: I hope you love the new blog design! I've worked so hard on it! 

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