AU Bound!


The last few weeks have been stressful and suspenseful as I wait for college decisions to come out. After all the waiting, I am happy to announce that I have been accepted to my dream school- American University! More good news: I have a yearly $56k scholarship that covers the tuition and room/board! 

Honestly, I feel so blessed to be accepted, and with such a generous amount of money. I feel relieved that all my hard work at school and in my community has been reflected in my application. American is very highly ranked, its atmosphere is perfect for me, and the campus is a beautiful place I'd love to call home for the next four years. It still feels so surreal that I got accepted, I remember crying so much. I am so happy that my parents are so proud of me. 

Obviously, I committed to the school a few days after I had found out. I am so excited to finally start school in the fall. American University is in Washington DC, and it is about four hours away from NYC, which makes me a little bit nervous because I've never really left NYC. However, I know this change will help challenge and teach me so much and help me explore and meet new great people! After all, isn't that what college is about? :)

This Thursday, I will have my first overnight college visit at American University. My family, boyfriend, and I will be driving down super early so we can explore the city together before I leave for my visit! As of now, I am still planning the trip and what to pack (???help please???). I will keep all of you guys updated on my trip! 

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