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"An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.~Langston Hughes

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I sold my first piece of art! A few weeks ago, there was a concert named "New York, New York." For that concert, I painted a New York themed poster for them to hang up. After the concert, I received my poster back and it was once again in my shelf of art. (In my art class, everyone had shelves to place their art once it has been completed,or finished with use.) I planned to keep the poster in my dorm room in the fall because it was something I was extremely proud of, but I did not think anyone else would be interested in my poster. I've given away many pieces of my art in the past, but I'd never think to slap a price on my art. However, yesterday, when I was in art class some people mentioned that someone was very interested in buying my poster! I thought it was a prank because it was just a poster! Nothing special like a canvas or sculpture! But, yes, someone was actually interested in my "New York, New York" concert poster! After some thinking, I sold it! My art did make me happy, but I am even happier knowing that it can also make other people happy. 

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