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Do you have alot of unwanted or new items in your closet? This post is for you! Do you like buying designer brands for cheaper? Find out how to receive $5 for shopping!
For the last two weeks, I have been obsessively selling and buying on Poshmark. I'm a Poshaholic! 
Poshmark is a protected site to sell and buy; it makes sure that you get money for selling and when you buy you are protected too because it ensures that you get what you paid for. I think it is a great way to clean out your closet of unwanted items and to make some side money. Currently, I am saving my money to pay off college deposits! 
To buy or sell on Poshmark is super easy! Just download the Poshmark app, or go on Poshmark.com! Set up an account and then plug in your sizes so Poshmark can cater items that fits you! Then you are finished! Three easy steps to get started! 
Buying on Poshmark is very easy and safe. You pay $5 for everything, no matter how heavy! The people on Poshmark are so friendly and nice.You can make offers on items to save even more!
Selling on Poshmark is easier than selling anywhere else, I believe. All my items have sold so quickly and easy! Poshmark also makes the shipping labels for me. All I have to do is to pack up my items and then ship them out! 
I do hope you join me on Poshmark (@thequirkyprep)
I created the side app on my blog labelled "Shop My Closet." There you can get a preview of what the Poshmark platform is like! 
Use my code to get $5 to go towards your shopping! My code is BDBJN. Have fun shopping and selling!
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