Laptop Stickers!


Hey guys! During a Best Buy sale, I bought a new MacBook for college for only $750! I was so excited because it is my first real laptop, and I was so excited to finally decorate it and bring it with me to school. One of the first things I did was figure out how to decorate it. I know I really wanted to put stickers on it to reflect my personality and truly make my laptop mine. But which ones? The first ever sticker I put on it was the Vineyard Vines Whale. I think it is so cute and preppy. The second sticker I put on it was the Fraternity Collection Bow Sticker I had to peel from my notebook. The edges are a bit frayed but I'll figure out out to fix that later! 

I really wanted an "American University" sticker to show some school pride. However, school pride was hard to show when the stickers at the bookstore is $6 plus $5.50 shipping! My friend told me that "Sticker Paper" exists so I went on to staples to try it out! I bought a pack of Avery Shipping Labels (Full sheet sticker paper). After I bought the paper, I went online and searched up my images that I wanted to make a sticker. I copied and pasted the images onto a blank word document and then printed them out on the sticker paper! It was that easy! After they printed, I covered the surface of the stickers with clear masking tape to give it a shiny/waterproof exterior. I cut out the stickers after wards then placed them on my Mac. The monograms I bought on eBay from this great seller who did a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal. I placed one monogram on the outside of my laptop and I placed the other on the inside next to my touchpad. The last monogram I am saving :) 

Here is the link to the sticker paper I bought: (They are a bit pricey but worth it!) 


I am going to be making stickers for everything! From notes to phonescases to cute labels! Thanks for all the compliments I got on my Facebook/email! Have fun making stickers!

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