10 College Tips From a College Senior

As an upcoming college freshmen, I've been nervous/excited for this new chapter of my life. My boyfriend, Dan, has been super helpful in helping me prepare and tackle college gracefully. Here are his ten tips, and I hope they help you too! :) 

1. Respect your professors. 
 Compared to your typical high school teacher, a college professor is trained in his field of expertise. Once you move beyond the 1000 level courses, the professors you encounter are likely very knowledgable in their particular field. When in class, attempt to show an interest in their field of study. Even if you find their course challenging and the exams difficult, they will remember the time you showed a desire to learn and will reward such small efforts.
2. Come to class on time, and prepared.
 Though it may be challenging and one may be want to skim, it is important that you challenge your mind each week through studies. Most professors will not require you to write homework assignments nor will reading notes be checked. You are expected to simply know and when they decided to test your knowledge, you must be prepared with an answer. Coming to class on time and being prepared for said class will do more to further your goals than any amount of schmoozing later in the semester. 
3. Have no expectations when it comes to dorming. 
It is likely that if you are reading this, you have siblings or, if you are an only child, have friends with brothers or sisters. Barring the possibility that you live self sustained under a rock, you have likely noticed that siblings are extremely annoying no matter what they do. However, to the outside world they may seem a perfectly average representations of a human being. The difference being that you have to live with and share a space with your siblings. Expect the unexpected when living with someone, for you never know how truly strange they can be. 
4. When food is offered, always answer yes.
 Though more for graduate students, the average undergrad student will encounter the desire for food and, at times, the lack thereof. When food is offered, always make the effort to come. In the worst case scenario, you save a meal swipe in return for mediocre half stale bagels. However, as with some student clubs, you may trade your mac and cheese for something truly special. Cultural orgs offer the best food, and almost always free. 
5. Don't assume your first friend will be your last.
 College does not function like your average high school. Classes vary both by semester and even by day meaning that your friend in one class may likely only ever exist to you outside the four corners of that one room in the building you rarely go to.  Always remain friendly and note students who share your major, they will likely share more classes with you in the future.
6. Prepare for the post-college future. 
Finding your way, and other such terms for those who cannot decide on a major is all well and good for one or two semesters, but life rarely waits for the undecided. Though it makes me cringe to admit as a student of the arts, take business courses and create the platform for a minor or major while exploring classes and dabbling in a subject of interest. In the future you can explore your interests further but business can always be applied. Take an art history course, or african culture, while you learn about the world your economic class will teach you how to monetize your knowledge. Let's face it, your parent's are not paying 40,000 to discover a love for yodeling or Swedish clog making. Take business classes while exposing yourself to a deeper sense of the world, using both studies to expand upon one another.
7. Be prepared to read.
Having gone to a prep school I was prepared for the prospect of reading. However, for some of my classmates, I have noticed that few enjoy or even tolerate the incredible amount of reading required for class. To have an assignment due on a book, both of which must be completed over the weekend, is a perfectly acceptable and normal part of the college experience. be prepared to read, otherwise you will be swallowed up by your classes. 
8. Stop doing all nighters. 
I understand that some professors are inhuman and will assign more work than you can handle in a single day, but most every all nighter can be prevented by actually doing the work when its assigned. Putting off a 3 page paper until the night before they are due will not produce good results. Few students have ever actually needed to do an all nighter, most are caused by laziness and ineptitude. Just stop the myth, stop the stereotype and just do the work. 
9.  Always hit the clubs, and I don't mean the dancing kind. 
Student organizations are one of the best ways to to meet students with similar interests who will meet on a regular basis. They are a good place to get to know your fellow students and professors and, in the case of cultural organizations, a great place to get good food. Your tuition goes to pay for these clubs, why not use them.
10. Make decisions based on interest and not work loads. 
While we are all guilty about filling in that last 3 credits with something easy, one should never fail to explore the variety of courses provided by their higher education institution. Instead of scouring Ratemyprofessor.com I suggest you look up an interesting subject, for me it was Art of the Western World, and allowing my interest to drive the will to work. For me, it ended up being a challenging course but because I chose to follow my interests I found no conflict nor any resentment. Instead of taking a cheap and easy course which would never interest me, I explored the artistic world and grew.
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