5 Tips for the Summer Interns!

Recently, the blog has been on a hiatus because of my busy schedule. I've been busy with my summer internship; I currently intern for my Mayor at the Department of Cultural Affairs. It is interesting being a seasonal because I learned so much about the work that my city puts into planning events for the public. This is my second summer internship (my first was last summer with Fidelity Investments). I feel very ready to go into the workforce because of my weekly training last year and workshops; I am very excited to share these tips with you today!
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1. The Process 

Applying for an internship is a pain sometimes. I find it very suspenseful because of all the waiting that comes into it. When I applied for my internships, they always ask for a resume. A resume is important because it highlights your work experience, and your special skills. Resumes should be no longer than a page, and condensed to highlight special work experiences/skills/awards that you are proud of. I have two resumes: a school related one and a professional one. My school resume is mainly for highlighting my classes and my volunteer work, as my professional one is used to network and promote myself. 

After filling out my application and sending out my resume, there is a short time period of waiting for a response. During this time, it is best not to second guess your skills; have confident in your work! It may be easy to see why you may not have gotten the internship, but it is also easy to understand why you are a worthy candidate! 

If you get a response back, it is most likely for an interview. I personally love interviews because it is such a great way for myself to introduce myself to someone and express myself in a way that is not expressed in my work resume. 

During an interview, it is important to:

- Show up early, and bring a physical copy of your resume. It displays that you are one step ahead and ready!
- For women, keep the makeup very simple and light. A lip stainer/gloss, light foundation and mascara would go a long way! For men, keep the facial hair groomed neatly. For both genders, keep the attire very professional. Neutrals work very well for this. Also, keep your cologne, or perfume very light. 
- Do not chew gum during the interview because it may come off as unprofessional.
- Turn off your phone! If there is an emergency at home that you are aware of, inform the interviewer so they understand your situation. 
-Have prewritten answers to questions you already know they might ask. Interviews are almost all the same, and sometimes, having thought out answers ready will make you less nervous. Here is a list of most commonly asked questions during an interview! 
- Express yourself! Be human! You are not a working machine and you are more than your resume. This one is very tricky because you have to express yourself and remain professional. 
- Thank the interviewer. Thank him for looking over your application and calling you back! 

TIP: It may be awkward looking at someone while you talk for a long time, so my tip is to look in-between the speaker's eyebrows! It looks as if you are looking at them, however you get to avoid feeling like you are staring! 

If you do not get the job, do not worry. Be resilient! Apply for another internship and try try again! Take tips on what you can improve on and improve it! 

2. Be Professional

It is such a vague thing to say, "be professional." What I mean is to act as if it is your first day, everyday. Dress your best, and do not hesitate to ask questions, even if it is just to clarify something.  My method of asking a question is to repeat what the instructions in my own words. That shows my supervisor that I was listening and just want to clarify and be sure that my work will be up to par! I've always been the youngest one at my internships, and because of that I really try extra hard to prove that I am ready and that I am as knowledgeable and mature as the older interns. 

3. Network

A beautiful thing about internships is the people that work there. The people you meet will always have such great advice, and professional experience that you crave. Networking is important because it helps expand your professional circle. By expanding your circle, you may meet someone with an opportunity for you or just meet someone interesting! As a gift for finishing my internship last year, I received 500 business cards that I carry with me. I recently met someone who graduated from my college; he's the vice president of a company! We exchanged business cards and kept in touch! 
Another great thing to have prepared is an "elevator pitch." An elevator pitch is basically a 15 second summary of your resume. It is important for when you meet someone you want to introduce yourself to on the elevator, and you do not have much time with the person! 

4. Be helpful 

If you have downtime between projects, do not hesitate to offer someone at your office help. I know having some down time is great for checking your phone or texting your friends, but you are there to work and learn. Offering people help will give you opportunities to bond with your co-workers and even learn a new task! Last year, I learned excel extensively and excel became a hobby for me. Seriously, my friends and I make excel charts organizing hangout dates and locations! 

5. Have Fun

The last tip is to have fun. Talk to your co-workers (still remain professional) and join conversations. It makes me feel less lonely when I have a friend or two at the office. I love my internship (s) because it gives me so many opportunities to network professionally , learn the ropes in a working industry, and just have fun. Sometimes you may not want to come in to work early in the morning but at the end of the day, realize how lucky you are for a chance to experience that field, and to add something beneficial to your resume. Work is always more fun when you have fun and love your job! :) 

As always, thank you for reading! I hope my tips helped you out, and good luck on your summer internships! 
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