Dear Future Roomies

Dear Future Roomies,
In less than a month, we will be moving in together. We'll surely bump into each other as we unload boxes of clothes and random memorabilia that we just can not leave at home. We'll move furniture around over and over again until we are too tired to determine which layout is most roomy, and just accept this space as our home. We'll try the best to make our dorm the "cutest room on the floor." (Even though our furniture is Ikea, our aspirations are Crate and Barrel.) We'll talk, and we'll be shy even though we have been texting for months. We'll get homesick (I'll be there for you). We'll learn Math 155 together (possibly fail together) and we'll each discover our newfound freedom and independence. We'll learn how to do well without studying too much. We'll talk all night about random subjects until we realize that we are screwed because we have an 8:55 class. We'll eat together at the cafeteria because we are too lazy to cook or go out. We'll complain about cafeteria food together. We'll take so many pictures together; Kim Kardashian's selfie book has nothing on us. We'll go on adventures together. We'll get lost in the city, and we will feel terrified because the metro closes at night. We'll learn to give each other space. We'll suffocate each other sometimes. We'll binge watch Netflix and grow unhealthily obsessed with a show. We'll find our favorite spot to study on campus. We'll fight because one of us forgot to clean up a mess or ate all the candy even though there was a note claiming it. We'll make up because it is awkward to live with someone you are upset with, and because we love each other too much to fight anyways. We'll laugh, we'll learn, and we'll grow together. We'll always be there for each other, from hard classes to hard days. Best of all, we'll be the first best friends we each make on campus. 
Sincerely Yours,
Your very excited Froomie


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