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Recently, I've made a huge lifestyle change; I decided to go veggie! I decided to change my life style because I wanted to do it for my health, religion, and love of animals. I've never related the meat I ate to an animal. I always thought of a hamburger as a hamburger, and not a cow. One day, on a run, I saw a family of baby ducks. That night I was supposed to have duck for dinner with my family. However, I knew I couldn't because it was very difficult for me to eat the meal after understanding that it is an animal. I've done some research before officially calling myself a vegetarian, and I started off slow. I had certain days where I could "cheat" on this vegetarian diet if I felt that I needed to. However, I did not find meat meals as appealing as I once did.  The change was hard at first because everyone in my house and my boyfriend love meat. I respect their opinion because I myself loved bacon. I couldn't find myself to try to convert someone into vegetarianism just because it is something I feel strongly about; people should eat what they feel comfortable eating. Haha, who am I to tell you what to eat? 
When I told people of my lifestyle change, many were very supportive and it made the transaction feel easier. People said I was "cool" for doing this and it made me feel very good about my choice. However, someone did tell me I was going to "starve and want to slit my wrists because you won't find food." That comment shocked me because it was so ignorant and close minded. There are so many foods that do not contain meat, and I personally do not believe that I have to eat meat just because it is readily available and easier to access sometimes (for example when going out). Because of my diet, I find myself to be very creative when cooking at home. (I replace the meats in my favorite meals with vegetables or grains.) I also have to be aware of the proteins and vitamins that I have to provide in my diet since I cut out meat (Beans are great for protein and veggie burgers are so convenient). When I go out with my friends, I find myself ordering some variation of potato. Seriously, I never understood the importance of fries until I became a vegetarian. 
Overall, I love being a vegetarian. This is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I've been happier, healthier, and more active since this change. I've lost 15 pounds by just cutting out meat, and I am more motivated to become more active too! I'm full of energy and I feel so light. All my meals have been guilt free (except when I binge eat fries) and I feel very excited for this change. Thanks for reading! :)

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