Everything starts with a hello.

Hello, I'm Alexis.

I'm type A, quirky, and sometimes over-dramatic. But you love me.

I am currently a senior and a fine arts major at a prestigious Blue Ribbon-winning school.

I reside in the New Jersey-New York area and I love the opportunities that awaits me!

I have many hobbies, a few to list are:

  • Dance and Music (I play 7 instruments and I sing...alot)
  • Art and Design
  • Reading and Writing
  • Cooking
  • Badminton! (I won a medal!) 
  • DIY Projects
  • Movies!
  • Photography 
  • Shopping
  • Yoga (I'm getting my teaching certification in June!)
  • Museum Trips!

I am currently on the JCC board at the Superior Court. Working at the court house helped me perceive the world in a different light. Over the summer I interned for Fidelity Investments and it was the best experience ever! Currently, this blog is my main job, and I'm waiting for an answer from Bank of America! Fingers crossed!

I started blogging during the summer I lived in NYC, August 2013. Inspiration was everywhere, and I had strong wi-fi with nothing to do to pass the time, other than exploring and shopping. 

I love the things I've learned from this blog, such as web-design, social media, sponsoring, and simply expressing myself to an audience. Starting this blog helped me find my voice and online presence.

I've came a long way; my first blog was to an audience of three friends, and now The Quirky Prepster showcases itself to over a hundred thousand page views all over the world.

Every reader has taken me there, and I am grateful for every click. Thank-you for becoming a part of my journey.

If you are reading this, you are on my blog, and I thank you for the pleasure of writing to you.

To receive my resume, please email:

(work related): Alexisle97@gmail.com
(blog related): TheQuirkyPrepster@gmail.com 

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